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Indoor Air Quality, Thermostats, Humidifiers, and More!

In addition to our heating and cooling service, we are proud to offer a wide range of other services. If you have any questions, our expert service professionals will be happy to answer. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency services.


The functionality of your cooling, heating, and ventilation systems can be improved by including system improvements such as carbon monoxide gas detectors, smoke detectors, surge protectors, and air purifiers. Other system improvements consist of:

These additions enhance the comfort level in your house, enhance indoor air quality, offer security alerts, and help to conserve energy.

Schedule a Yearly Professional Inspection

Scheduling an annual maintenance checkup is a crucial part of maintaining your home’s HVAC system. An annual inspection makes sure that the system is working properly, and that it has no obvious problems or issues that are causing a loss of efficiency.  An Aire Serv® Total Comfort Tune-up will keep your furnace or AC system in tip-top working shape. That way you can rest easy knowing that it will last for the year ahead. 


If you need urgent repair service, or want to schedule a system upgrade or annual inspection, please call our 24/7, on-call Aire Serv® service professionals at 503.785.9032.

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